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2. Generate your QR Code

Formats : jpg, png, gif, bmp, pdf, rar, zip, ppt, pptx, mp3, mpeg, ai, eps (max 100mo)

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Create a QR code for a file.

1. choose a file to host on QR Browser. (accepted formats: jpg, png, gif, bmp, pdf, rar, zip, ppt, pptx, mp3, mpeg, ai, eps)

2. enter an e-mail address to receive the QR Code Access.

3. print the QR Code received by e-mail and place it wherever you want in your business.

4. your customers just need to scan the QR Code with a smartphone to access the file.

QR Code technology easily accessible free of charge with QR Browser. Creating a QR Code for PDF, Photo, Video or MP3 has never been easier.

File and QR code management

A personal space to manage files and QR Codes.

View, modify or delete your files and QR Codes in a few clicks.


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the consultation of statistics, the increase in storage (1GB per file) and other advantages to discover.

Some numbers

Since the launch of QR Browser in May 2020, the number of QR Code creation has exploded. Constantly evolving, consultations have passed the 300,000 mark!

Restaurants, Hotels, Bars, Shops, Teachers, Students and Large Retailers use our platform to dematerialize their media.

QR Browser has had several press articles since its launch.

They talk about the QR Code

QR Browser, all over the world!

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Users come from all over the world.

France, England, Germany, USA, Japan, China, Spain, Africa, Russia ...

PRO account
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✔ Large file hosting (max 1GB).
✔ QR Code building.
✔ File and QR Code updating.
✔ Get statistics.
✔ Password protection.

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✔ Normal files hosting (max 100MB).
✔ QR Code building.
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